Current Research

Nuclear Reactor Fuel Performance

We use modeling and simulation to investigate the performance of advanced reactor fuel, including uranium dioxide (standard, doped, and composite), uranium silicide, and uranium/plutonium alloys
Researchers: Brandon Battas and Ali Muntaha
Funding: NEUP, INL, ORNL

Space Technology

We are using modeling and simulation to make space travel more efficient and more safe to help with Mars sample return and eventually to get people to Mars. We are modeling thermal protection systems and nuclear rocket fuel
Researchers: Jeremy Smith and Vishal Yadav
Funding: NASA

Advanced Fabrication

We are using modeling and simulation to better understand advanced fabrication technology and prepare it for industrial use. We are investigating sintering methods for ceramics and metal heat treatment under an applied magnetic field.
Researchers: Christopher Lovenduski and Brandon Battas
Funding: DOE EERE and INL

Anti-Fouling coatings

We are developing environmentally-safe coatings that prevent fouling by various aquatic organisms and that make it easier to clean off the organisms. We are using a combination of experiments and modeling to develop the coatings
Researchers: Yi Wei
Funding: ONR

Corrosion and Electrochemistry

We are investigating the corrosion of engine valves in gasoline engines and the corrosion of molten-salt-facing alloys using mesoscale modeling and simulation. We are also developing the Yellowjacket code for molten salt corrosion.
Researchers: Chaitanya Bhave and Xueyang Wu
Funding: INL, DOE EERE